FHB14-12T5HO Linear Fluorescent High Bay 12-Lamp, T5HO (54-watt)

TheFHB14-12T5HO is a T5HO lighting fixture designed to replace HID products in commercial, industrial, retail, and sports environments. The fixture provides highly efficient lighting with extreme power saving capabilities. The fixture profile, features, and simple mounting process make the FBHB-432 is a perfect choice for the contractor and end user.


  • A 6-ft. power cord is Included as standard with every fixture. The power cord is pre-wired to a ballast disconnect and is provided complete with strain relief. Optional plugs are offered as a factory installed option.
  • Adjustable aircraft cable type hanging cable is included with every fixture. Two, 10-ft long adjustable (tool less) aircraft cables are included with each fixture for easy and quick mounting.
  • Lamps can be ordered as an option.
  • Fixture frame is constructed for heavy-duty installation. 
  • Quick access wiring door is standard on each fixture.
  • Post Painted Powder Coating standard.
  • Single Knockout End: 7/8” knockouts available for occupancy sensor mounting or power entry.
  • Highly reflective polished aluminum reflector is standard on all fixtures.
  • Top mounted ballast housings provide for cool operation.
  • Plastic reflector coating removed at factory prior to shipping.


  • Length – 46.2-in
  • Width – 39.8-in
  • Height – 3.4-in
  • Weight – 30-lbs
*All Dimensions Are Inches. Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice.
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