IP65 LED High Bay 190-Watt, Water/Dust Proof

This 190W high bay fixture (with IP65 rating – vapor and water tight) delivers high lumen output with exceptional 82+CRI light while achieving up to 150 lumens per watt.  Captive lens design eliminates pixel effect issues common with exposed/open LED high bay fixtures. This fixture is designed to replace either metal halide or fluorescent high bay fixtures.

Aluminum Construction

The entire fixture body, consisting of channel and end plates, is constructed of a lightweight aluminum which acts as a fixture wide heat sink designed for efficient operation in maximum heat environments. The fixture construction includes stiffening brackets and slide rails to create a strong, clean finished frame.


Unpainted aluminum construction provides protection against contaminants and oxidation.


Precision designed optics deliver even illumination. General and aisle distribution ensures superior performance to key areas within an application. The captive lens design eliminates the pixeling effect that is an issue with “open” LED fixtures.

Intended Use

Ideal one for one replacement of conventional HID and fluorescent high bay systems. Applications include warehousing, manufacturing, gymnasiums, and other large indoor spaces with mounting heights up to 60’

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