Industrial LED vapor tight lighting is one of our strengths. We have been providing industrial LED linear vapor tight lighting since our inception. Our industrial LED vapor tight line includes fixtures with extruded aluminum housings providing excellent heat dissipation, particularly in comparison to the traditional fiber glass or polycarbonate fixtures. The use of an extruded aluminum housing not only optimizes the heat dissipation, but also creates a sleek, modern look which allows the fixture to be used in many more applications than the traditional fiber glass fixture.
This type of lighting comes in three main designs, and we offer many different options for each specific style. The three main categories for this type of fixture are high-bay fixtures, linear fixtures, and jar fixtures.
While each category offers the same great benefits of protection against moisture, there may be one that will work better than others. Depending on the location and output requirements, we can help you find the right selection for your needs. For example, you may find the jar style is great for the exterior of your location, but a high-bay or linear fixture may provide better lighting for indoor workspaces.
High bay is commonly used in ceilings of at last 18 -20 feet in height because they need more power to achieve the right illumination spread at such a height.
Linear fixtures can be used in a range of spaces but are ideal for longer areas such as hallways or larger rooms in need of a wide spread of illumination.
Jar fixtures are ideal for smaller areas such as by backdoors.
Any of these lights can be used either indoors or outdoors, but every location and every lighting need is different.
Lighting in any commercial or industrial setting can be a challenge to figure out. For settings where there may be more water, heat, humidity, and other debris known to damage lighting fixtures, vapor tight fixtures are an ideal choice for wet locations where moisture can be an issue. Whether an outdoor setting where the elements are a problem or an indoor setting presenting unique obstacles such as a cold storage warehouse, wet location fixtures are made with extra durability and protection built in for a worry-free lighting option. Aside from protecting the bulb and lens from water damage, these fixtures are also great at protecting against rust and corrosion. They are long-lasting and can save money in the long run with minimal replacements needed while requiring little to no maintenance or upkeep over the years. With these reliable lights, you never have to sacrifice the illumination you need because of outside influences.
Industrial LED vapor tight fixtures are lightweight to help make installation easier, and can be surface mounted or suspended. Some LED vapor tight fixtures include a motion sensor, allowing the light to come on only when movement is detected. These sensors turn the light back off after a set amount of time without activity.