LED High Bay 200-Watt / Torpedo Series

This 200W high bay fixture (with IP66 rating – vapor and water tight) delivers high lumen output with exceptional 82+CRI light while achieving up to 170 lumens per watt.  This fixture is designed to replace either metal halide, fluorescent high bay, strip, and vapor tight fixtures.

Aluminum Construction

The fixture body, consisting of channel and end plates, is constructed using high heat-conducting aviation material.  Isolating light source and led driver to reduce light loss and increase power factor of led driver.


Heatsink raw material: High heat-conducting aviation aluminum alloy body.


Precision designed optics deliver even illumination.  General and aisle distribution ensures superior performance to key areas within an application. Beam angle 120˚ for workshop and tunnel.  Three dimensional diamond light guide technology.  Light emitting efficiency > 90%


  • Warehouse / factory / garage / workshop / retail
  • Outdoor area lighting, high-mast / tunnel /bridge lighting / fuel station lighting
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