High bay lights are generally defined as high output lights mounted or suspended approximately 20 feet or more above the ground level. They are often used in applications such as gymnasiums, warehouses, factories, and distribution centers. The light spread on high bay lights can range from 60 to 120 degrees which provides overlapping light between fixtures which eliminates hot spots.

In the past high bay light fixtures were available only in round configurations, but today they are available in both round and linear configurations. Today’s norm is the LED high bay. High bay lighting has been revolutionized by LED technology. Today’s high bays are now brighter, safer, more efficient, and less expensive to buy and operate.

LED’s emit a much brighter, cleaner, fuller-spectrum light than emitted by fluorescent or metal halide high bay lights. LED’s are safer and more environmentally sound. They are free of mercury, will not break or explode and produce a cleaner light, all of which makes the business or workplace safer. LED’s require a fraction of the energy needed for older fluorescent and metal halide technology. According to the US DOE “By 2027, the use of LED lighting could save up to 348 terawatts of energy compared to no LED use. That is the annual electrical output of 44 large electric power plants in the United States. If achievable, that would be an energy cost savings of more than $30 billion at current pricing levels.”

The Truex non-classified LED high bay line is one of the pillars of our entire product offering. The line has been designed to meet almost any requirement and provide excellent and efficient lighting.

Ranging from 11,000 to 85,000 lumen output, our high bay line is very diverse and includes the right fixture for most any environment. Our entire line of high bay fixtures includes 32 linear models, twelve of which are rated IP65, and round high models.

Hazardous Location LED High Bay Fixtures

Workhorse LED High Bay Series

"The Beast" Ultra High Lumen IP65 LED High Bay Series

"The Beast II" Ultra High Lumen IP54 LED High Bay Series

"The Torpedo" Ultra High Lumen IP65 LED High Bay Series

"The Torpedo" Ultra High Lumen IP54 LED High Bay Series

"Econobay" Round LED High Bay Series

"The Ultimate", Round High Output High Bay Series

Lensed Economy High Bay Series