Truex Lighting represents True Excellence and Extraordinary Value in the manufacture of industrial and commercial LED lighting products.

Truex Lighting manufactures extreme quality LED  lighting products for use in industrial and commercial environments. Our LED products are designed to be end-user and contractor friendly while being extremely competitively priced without sacrificing quality. Truex products are used in the manufacturing, warehousing, retail and refining facilities of some of the world’s largest corporations. The Truex team members are engaged, empowered, enthusiastic, and committed to the  success of the company.

Truex creates an environment for open, continuous, and  proactive communication maintaining an open mind to benefit from diverse thoughts and ideas through our Truex Core Values Program. Truex is dedicated to customer  support to ensure that expectations and goals are set, monitored and executed. This allows Truex to shine and stand out in the lighting industry.

Our ability to interpret  concepts, adapt and exceed expectations allows us to have a unique relationship with our customers.  Truex strives for continuous improvement employing both technological advances and our customer’s valued input to help drive and expand our product line.

Our extensive product line of industrial LED lighting fixtures include high bays, wall packs, recessed troffers, vapor tight fixtures, area lighting, strip fixtures, explosion proof, hazardous location, and wrap around fixtures.


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