TRUEX LIGHTING was founded on one principle: to manufacture industrial and commercial lighting products recognized for their Excellence in quality and Value in price.  Drawing on our executive management’s combined experience of over seven decades in manufacturing, engineering and design, Truex has elected to concentrate its product line on high demand LED and fluorescent luminaire products used in the most common industrial and commercial applications.

Over the years, we have maintained a relatively small product offering because we are committed to providing the market the highest quality and competitively priced product possible. Over the years we have emphasized the importance of listening to our customers’ input regarding their needs and the improvement of our product. Whenever possible we utilized our customers’ input in our product design process to produce a better product that will help our customers increase their efficiencies. Our process is simple. We incorporate state-of-the-art technologies and efficiencies in the design and manufacturing processes, listen to our customers and maintain a focused product line. These three items allow Truex to offer our customers what they demand: High quality and Excellent value.