Round LED High Bay 200W / Saucer Series

The RHB Series round high bay fixture (with IP65 rating – vapor and water tight) delivers high lumen output with exceptional 82+CRI light while achieving up to 125 lumens per watt.  Tempered glass lens design achieves transmittance levels of 93%. The RHB Series round high bay fixture is designed to replace either HID or fluorescent high bay fixtures.

Aluminum Construction

The fixture body, consisting of aluminum finned material acts as an excellent heatsink channeling heat out and away from the LED’s.


Black powder coated aluminum construction provides protection against contaminants and oxidation.


Precision designed optics deliver even illumination.  General and aisle distribution ensures superior performance to key areas within an application.  The tempered lens design allows maximum delivered lumens while maintaining IP65 rating.

Fixture Weights and Dimensions


  • Diameter – 14.17 inches
  • Height – 7.76 inches
  • Weight – 13.7 lbs
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