EPF4-4-2-46-UNV-T5HO Linear Fluorescent Explosion-Proof 2-Lamp, T5HO (54-watt)

The EPF4 is a T5HO lighting fixture intended for the following explosion-proof applications:

  • Class I, Div. 1-Groups C & D
  • Class II, Div, 1 & 2 – Groups E,F,G

Typical application includes solvent and cleaning areas, paint spray booths, oil and gas drilling applications, aircraft maintenance, chemical manufacturing, waste treatment plants, oil and gas refining and processing. The fixture is constructed of extruded aluminum housing and clear glass lamp enclosures. End mounting brackets are standard with fixture.


  • F54T5/HO/850 lamps are supplied with the fixture as a standard feature.
  • Fixture housing is constructed of extruded aluminum for heavy-duty installation.
  • Lamps are enclosed in clear plexi-glass enclosures.
  • Lamp enclosures are provided with reflectors.
  • Fixture can be surface mounted or suspended.
  • Fixture is warranted for one year from delivery date against manufacturing defects. Ballast warranty is provided through the ballast manufacturer.

Approximate Fixture Dimensions & Weights

4-ft., 2-lamp

  • Length: 52-inches
  • Width: 11.3-inches
  • Height: 8.5-inches
  • Weight: 65 lbs

4-ft., 4-lamp

  • Length: 52-inches
  • Width: 24-inches
  • Height: 9.5-inches
  • Weight: 120 lbs
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