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The HL1-2-2-LED-40W-UNV is a 40-watt lighting fixture intended for the following hazardous location applications:

  • Class I, Div. 2-Groups A, B, C & D

Designed for applications requiring corrosion resistant fixtures. Excellent for marine wet and damp locations. The inside of the fixture is drip-proof. Typical applications include solvent and cleaning areas, petrochemical facilities, marine facilities, waste treatment plants, and food processing applications. Housing is non-metallic glass-reinforced polyester. The gasket is poured in place. Latches are stainless steel locking type. Diffuser is high-impact acrylic. End mounting brackets are standard with the fixture.


Features & Benefits

  • The Fixture housing is constructed of non-metallic glass-reinforced polyester. 
  • A Silicon gasket is poured in place.  Diffuser is high-impact acrylic. 
  • Latches are stainless steel locking.
  • The fixture can be surface mounted or suspended. 
  • The fixture is warranted for five years from the delivery date.
Note: Actual performance may differ as a result of end-user environment and application. All values are designed or typical values, measured under laboratory conditions at 25 °C. Specifications are subject to change without notice.