The  HLAL-M-100W-UNV, 100 watt Area Light is  rated  as  follows  for use in  environments  that  require  the  following certifications:

• Class  I,  Division 2,  Groups  A, B, C,  D • Class  II,  Division  1, Groups  E, F, G

• Class  II,  Division  2,  Groups  E, F, G • Class  III

The  fixture is  designed  for applications  requiring metallic  fixtures. Excellent  for marine wet and  damp locations. Typical  applications  include solvent  and cleaning  areas,  petrochemical  facilities, marine facilities,  waste  treatment plants  and food processing applications.  Housing  is  aluminum  with  clear diffuser/lens.  Fixture  available  with slip fitter,  ridged arm  or trunnion  mounting  options.